Bodifix answers the question of providing national level training and support within the Sussex area for all levels of competitor. Designed for those wanting to reach their next level of performance.

Our Sport Performance Division focuses on two areas.

Firstly providing professional strength and conditioning to improve performance outside of the gym. Sports such as triathlons, middle to long distance running, combat sports, field sports, cycling, skiing and court sports (netball, tennis, basketball etc) benefit massively. We also focus on developing acceleration and top speed for athletic event and field sports (60/100/200m, rugby, football, rugby, cricket etc). This involves both gym and track/field-based training, with a focus on improving acceleration and top speed mechanics as well as strength and conditioning in the gym.

Secondly we provide packages that support your training by monitoring or testing sleep quality, fatigue, hydration, fitness (VO2), speed, power, strength, body fat levels, mobility and movement. Packages allow you to select a service that meets your ambitions. Because of the level of technology in smart phones and online services, we deliver a fantastic service at an affordable price.

Our facilities include a private gym, athletics track, grass field, indoor courts, and free parking. Our Gym is based in the Eastbourne Sports Park with access from Cross Levels Way.

The latest research is applied to your training. We constantly update our knowledge through Scientific Journals.

We use the latest technology to track training, levels of fatigue, sleep and others. We apply velocity based training to our gym based weight training, ensuring you are training exactly the areas of performance needed.

Our technical models are supported by the UK Strength & Conditioning Association, UK Athletics and Functional Movement Systems amongst others.

Our coaching philosophy is to educate the athlete as ‘knowledge is the mother of success’.

We prioritise technique over weight until the technique is achieved. Our aim is to develop a rapport with our athletes to encourage trust and enjoyment.

We provide support/advice in areas such as injury, stress management and lifestyle improvements. We refer to other professionals to assist you the athlete when our skill set doesn’t meet your needs.

We can review your current training routine and identify whether volume, intensity and type of exercise is maximising your potential.

We communicate with any of your sport specific coaches to ensure everyone is working for your development. From experience we found this to be vital.

Training is completed 1-2-1 or in groups of 3/6/12 people. Teams are welcome.

A 6 to 12 month training plan (periodisation) can be created to ensure the best quantity of strength, power and fitness training is completed alongside sufficient rest.


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