Bodifix places your health needs before vanity. We create exercise that fit in with your current lifestyle, focusing on your ability to fulfil an active life whether you are 30 with young children or 70 and wanting to feel great. Our training will allow you to move well, help medical issues and have usable fitness. We love seeing the increase in quality of life created through thoughtful health recommendation.

If you’re wanting to start a new activity or train for a sponsored event we review your current physical health and advice you the best plan to achieve your aim. For your wellbeing this may mean a picking a later or different event, your long term health comes first.


We review your lifestyle to see if sleep, past injuries, nutrition, stress and work-based activities are affecting your energy and day-to-day productivity. Coaches are qualified to Degree or higher, deliver balanced information and coach top-quality physical exercise.

As experienced Health and Wellbeing Physiologists we have scientific research to support our approach to health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, organ transplants, joint replacements and heart conditions/surgery. Our experience allows us to understand the challenges you face improving your health within a busy life.

We know you do not need, want or have the time for a six pack, so we never focus on it. Exercise for health not vanity.

We prioritise exercise technique and link exercises to improving day to day life. Moving well is the ultimate goal. The weights you lift are to improve you, not massage an ego.

Any niggles or pain will be our first focus alongside your goals.

We support you with your weight loss with nutritional advice but also review the psychology behind your eating habits.

As a previous ‘Senior Nuffield Health and Wellbeing Physiologist’ we can understand and assist you with any medical conditions.

We can fill the gaps of your knowledge to allow you to make informed decisions about your health. Information in the media is confusing and created to sell papers.

Your health is always our main priority. Our ability to plan months ahead ensures we keep a focus on what you need and not lose focus. We systematically monitor your health to show you the results exercise delivers; this also makes us both accountable.

Our sessions are designed to be both fun and effective.

Fatigue is always part of exercise, but we are not here to make you ache for 5 days. We aim for exercise to challenge your body to improve energy levels and sleep quality.

Variety is key to both improve the body but also maintain enjoyment, our facilities allow us to vary exercise extensively.


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