At Bodifix the lockdown has been a hard position.  Income is split between hours as head of Strength and Conditioning for Eastbourne College which has been furloughed and the private work providing the best strength and conditioning for sports performance and health and fitness training.  So income is down around 70%. Not as fortunate as some but luckier than a lot of others, and as we look at the glass being half full, we are excited to reopen and have used the time off wisely. Well initially a lot of procrastination and a very fortunate move of house (contract signed the Monday, lockdown the Tuesday!).

So with the mild UNLOCK looking likely, we are planning our strategy ahead of the government and it looks like this;
  1. We have always had a 15 minute section between clients to chat, tidy away, get the session up the projector and prepare the gym for the next client, but we will now extend that to 20 minutes to allow for additional cleaning.
  2. All clients will complete a symptom check the morning and evening prior to a session.
  3. There will only be 1-2-1 sessions whether indoor or outdoor.
  4. Masks will be worn by the coach at all times, I’ve researched a number and have found a excellent version. The client will have the choice to wear one or not.
  5. Clients are given the option to train outside if they wish, just please give 24 hours notice of this decision.
  7. Hand gel with be used before entering and before leaving. As a Nuffield Health trained Health and Exercise Physiologist I had a number of years of weekly education/brain washing on how to clean hands perfectly…so I will be inspecting closely (think parents checking behind ears, and I don’t care that you’re a full grown adult).
  8. Our guess is the Sports Park will be opened for people in groups of 1-2 which may well allow us to open soon. Absolutely ever precaution will be taken to ensure you do not have close contact with anyone lese entering the building. We may well have a designated entrance close to the gyms doors.
  9. All transactions will be by card with no cash accepted. We use sum up with is the most secure device on the market.
  10. All new clients will receive a video consultation rather than in person.
  11. Unless showing symptoms or having a history, blood pressure and other contact types of health/movement screening will be removed and completed when allowed.
  12. Lastly we as coaches will not be socialising in new groups and will be continuing to at worst the government’s guidelines or our goal of continuing the initial lockdown rules.

For any further information, please get in contact.

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