For 1,2 or 3 people sessions :

  • Injury review and rehabilitation.
  • Performance screening.
  • Health and fitness training.
  • Strength and Conditioning for your sport.
  • Sprint coaching for athletics and field/court sports.


For group training of 6+:

  • Strength and Conditioning for 11-15 year old – Foundations of Sport.
  • Strength and Conditioning for Sprint and Acceleration (field) Sports.
  • Athletics track (100/200/400m) sprinting session- Aspirational sprinters (adult to teen).
  • Gym S&C for middle and long distance running
  • Health, Exercise and Performance Seminars.

Online Booking System

We have an online booking system to enable you to check and book dates and slots suitable for you without the need to contact us. However if you would rather call and speak to someone first then of course please do we would be more than happy to chat through your requirements.


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Post Covid 19 lockdown

At Bodifix the lockdown has been a hard position.  Income is split between hours as head of Strength and Conditioning...
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Risk vs reward for exercise: stop training like an athlete…unless you are one.

The controversial bit……we classify an athlete as someone with aspirations to compete at a county or national level no matter...
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Part 1 and Part 2 (add link) cover the extremes of ‘tightness’, one allowing too much movement for most sports...
Part 1 identified that hypermobility is only helpful in some very select sports, so what about being hypomobile or ‘tight’....
During my 18 years of coaching the biggest revelation I can share with you is that people excel at a...
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